Welcome to Liptales!

In Liptales we take pride in using high quality ingredients coupled with our innovation in using only fruit and vegetable derived pigments.

Our range of products is based on our philosophy "Beauty without guilt" and we are strong advocates that every girl deserves to have fun using lipstick in this lifetime without any remorse!

Our "innocent" natural products are nourishing and fun, and are packed with natural antioxidant and lip nourishing ingredients such as natural beeswax and amazingly rich cocoa butter.

About Liptales

We are a small varied team of people who came together under one shared goal. To create innovative, ethical, natural based, safe products. As we evolved more people shared our vision and our team grew larger and now ranges from creative dreamers and helpful advisors to material scouts and experts in cosmetology, nutrition, natural perfumery, cosmetic production, marketing and design.

We believe part of our team is all those who inspired us (some we’ve never even met with) but they are so many we could not possibly have enough space to mention them here.

We are all proud of how much we achieved and want to thank all our collaborators who in our start up, supported us in this copious innovation quest and were patient enough to see this product “come to life”.

Lipcheek Red

Plant and edible ingredients based,
Lip and cheek nourishing color.

Give sheer vibrant color to lips and cheeks, naturally.
Lipcheek is an innovative, fruit and/or vegetable tinted, nourishing and protective, edible ingredients based, sheer tinted lip and cheeks product in one.

Its innovative formula, is based on quality ingredients (naturally derived, organic, non-GMO) and natural vegetable antioxidant and vitamin rich nutritious ingredients as colour pigments (such as lycopene from red tomatoes, betaine from beet root) combined with beeswax, precious cold pressed, organic fair trade cocoa butter and natural nourishing vegetable oils.
Lipcheek offers an innovative way to bring protection, care and radiant sheer color to your lips and cheeks without guilt*

Lipcheek is a precious and natural product, please protect it from heat (keep below 30 degrees C / 86 degrees F) and direct sunlight.

*We do not use:
Insect derived colour pigments
Any toxic dyes
Genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.

Extra information:
Minor inconsistencies (such as air bubbles) in the product appearance are normal (as we have refrained from adding binding chemicals) and does not affect product result on lips or cheeks.

Use within 3 months of opening.
External use.
Keep below 30 degrees C / 86 degrees F

Our vision

Our vision is defined in our motto “beauty without guilt”. We aim to:

-Bring innovation in beauty with respect to health, ethics, nature and sustainability

-Set high standards of quality

-Become an example of social corporate responsibility and community support.

Our story

Our story begins when we decided to make a natural, tinted lip balm,for our own use.


We started by researching recipes and ingredients and in our search we found lipstick ingredients and lipstick color pigments that ranged from non edible to harmful or absolutely disgusting insect derived. We ended up puzzled if no totally averted to using lipstick or tinted balms, ever again.


In our research we found that for centuries lipstick users, whether aware or unaware have been troubled with all sorts of health hazards related to their lipstick use.


We found it hard to believe that in such an advanced society this kind of sacrifice is needed in the name of beauty. We decided, coming from the land where the goddess of beauty Aphrodite emerged, we should rebel in the name of beauty. It was clear, since then that our revolution should only focus on the solution, namely the creation of a safe and natural lip colouring product.


By spending hours, days and months researching and formulating we managed to overcome this difficulty and achieve vibrant sheer color pigments using only fruit and vegetable based color pigments.

We blended them with skin protective nourishing and repair edible ingredients and developed our unique products.


Liptales differs from any other average corporate brand product for at least one main reason, we did not    create products intended to reach the market. We created for our own personal use, as we could not find any other product, in the market, that satisfied our demand.


Creating from the eclectic, high standards consumer role is usually a far more demanding task than any corporate quality target can match.


Our product reached the market once we had one too many requests for making it available to the public.

Our culture

A dream can be a magnetic core for keeping people from different backrounds, education, status, expertise and culture, together in one single goal.

Liptales is the magnetic core that brings all these people together.

We are multicultural indeed!

From Greece to London, from Japan to Denmark, From Ghana to Israel, from U.S to Germany, Liptales is the outcome of no single culture.

From large (innovative in natural food products), corporate companies who believed strongly in our dream and collaborated with us (us being only a small anonymous team yet), to freelancers and small scale producers, we managed to make a "large family" of support.

We strive so that each members of Liptales, develops further in their own field of expertise. We believe a product quality is affected by the satisfaction and well being of those who collaborate in its making.

We provide support and friendly chat to asses, whether our freelance partners and employees, a. needs are met and b. whether they keep the path closest to their dreams, open and wide (feel free to pursue while collaborating with us.).

We arrange fan cocktail evenings and spa visits so that each of our employee or freelance partner get a change to unwind and feel cherished.

We are open to new ways of thinking so its not that awkward that we often use unpredictable office spaces for our meetings (nature and open space, cocktail bars, labs).

In Liptales we have managed to create our own varied, multicultural environment that feeds on shared dreams, gratitude and good working relations.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on creating high quality products, using the best available natural sources, with respect to the environment, sustainability and the community.

We encourage anyone dreaming of innovating to trasnslate "No it can't be done" to "no it hasn't been done yet". That’s a key to innovation and part of our philosophy.

In Liptales we constantly question, our own previous beliefs in what is truly feasible and what is not.

There are 3 pillars in our philosophy that make our products unique.

1. Our products are created for our own use first. We don’t choose according to ingredients price range, but according to our exceedingly high consumer standards.

We hope this will help the industry follow us, putting higher standards for their products.

2. We strive so that the environment and sustainability is equally respected and praised by our company. (we engage in recycling schemes and choose wisely ingredients sourced in a sustainable way)

3. We believe that when you gain by helping others the return can be multifold.

We choose wisely so that our producers of raw material and packaging work with respectful humane working conditions that practice ethical trading.

We strongly advocate that a percentage of all companies, should return to the community, feeding the dreams and needs of people.

For this reason we start with a strong social responsibility and dedicate a percentage, of each of our sales in funding a cause related to the community.

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